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Fire hydrants are too often taken for granted. You see them everywhere, near your home, at your place of business, and along every street. You assume every hydrant you see works, as if they had been built to last forever and required no maintenance.
How many years has it been since anyone checked the operation of the fire hydrants near you?
From the moment a fire hydrant is installed, it begins to rust. In time, the caps may rust so tight they cannot be removed. Valves and joints develop blistering and pitting to the point of becoming unusable. This is often referred to as being “galded.” Hydrants in this condition can be very difficult to open, or even contain parts so corroded as to make using them under pressure a dangerous enterprise.
The last thing firemen want to fight is the fire hydrant they are depending on to put out a fire. Preventive Maintenance and our annual inspection/flush will help ensure that your hydrant is up to par and in working condition. Additionally, we paint hydrants! Whether its one hydrant or one hundred hydrants, were RED E to inspect them for you.
Other Important Hydrant Information
(All fire hydrants located on private property are "red" and are the responsbibility of the owner or property management company. Hydrants should have valve caps on all valves and have proper chaining and be clearly marked and visible with a blue reflective street dot so that in case of fire, the fire department responding can easily find the nearest accesible hydrant. Fire hydrants located in Henderson are now required to have a permit on file with the City of Henderson. Please contact them for more information regarding private property fire hydrants and proper permiting regulations.)